My story…

Studio Blaau is an Amsterdam based design studio founded by me, a young
Dutch artist. Ever since I started making art, using wood for this purpose
fascinates me. This natural, compassionate material with its kind drawings
ensures me that every work is special and one of a kind.

It started small, creating just some pieces used as decoration for my home. In
the meantime, I liked making art so much and experienced that my passion and
crafts continued to grow. After a while, friends and family engaged me to design
artwork for them. This resulted in starting my own Studio, with the purpose of
creating artwork for people who are passionate about this too.

My inspiration I find in traveling the world and experiences with different
cultures, different practices and different nature. My work is minimalistic,
structural, sincere and rustic. I love to play with different height, colors and
shadow. My guarantee to you is that all my pieces are handmade by myself and
that they are all exclusive as not even one is the same. What I make contributes
to a warm and unique interior.

Please feel welcome to visit my gallery or my digital gallery on Instagram.

Yours truly,

Arco Blaauboer


My collection

The artworks belong to an edition within its own collection. I have made several
collections, all consisting of unique pieces which I showcase on my Instagram
and in my gallery.

My artwork varies in sizes, dimensions and used materials. All pieces are
handmade by me with the use of excellent materials. To promote sustainability
further, I only use high-quality finishes. Pricing starts at 400 euro (tax included).

Please feel free to contact me in case of questions and feel welcome to visit my
gallery or my digital gallery on Instagram.



+31 6 22 22 63 77